Astrological Remedies for Depression

Astrological Remedies for Depression

Astrological Remedies for Depression

Depression is common now a day due to high stress level. Everyone experiences depression and stress in his / her life. But we can come out from this state be keeping positive thinking and doing the right efforts. It becomes a serious matter if depression hits you often and the native becomes the victim of it. Severe depression will make the person highly gloomy, undesirable, no interest in life and work affecting the overall behaviour and health of the person. Depression can be because of failure in one love life, bad marriage, financial constraints, career problems, loss of loved ones. Depression can only upsurge with intake of alcohol, intoxicants and drugs. With the help of Astrological remedies for depressionone can come out of the depression stage.

Depression can be easily identified in a horoscope. The first house signifies the brain and Moon is the significator of the mind and also emotions. Malefic effect on 1st house and Moon in the birth chart and also the Moon chart specifies chances of depression. The native will suffer from depression if the following conditions are present in the horoscope.

  1. Moon is in the trik Bhavas that is the 6th, 8th and 12th house.
  2. Moon is adjoined with Malefic like Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Mars.
  3. If Rahu (North Node of Moon) , Ketu (South Node of the Moon) aspect and Saturn, aspect or adjoined with Moon.
  4. If Moon is located alone in any house with no planet on either side.
  5. If Moon is combust because of its familiarity to the Sun.
  6. If Moon and Ascendant is badly afflicted either with placement or aspect of natural malefic planets.
  7. Moon is Malefic and posited in malefic houses.
  8. Moon is weakened and Lagan or Navamsha chart and with malefic.

While, for most of us, lifestyle and needs are one of the main reasons for depression. Below are some of the Astrological remedies for depression

  1. Make your Moon resilient by drinking water in the Silver Glass.

1. Drinking water in a Silver Glass will make your Moon strong, Moon is a significator of water and according to Vedic Astrology it represents ouremotions, feelings. Unexpectedly, the individual with a weak moon consumes very little water. but, we are on an objective to improve our moon, moon is one of the most significant planet’s that leads towards happiness, positive thinking, thriving and “lucky” lifestyle, the inborn must take care of to consume plenty of water and preferably in a Silver glass only. !!!

2. If Moon is weak or is badly placed, wear Pearl or Moon Stone in Silver but after discussion with an astrologer.

3. Worshipping Lord Shiva or posing water to Shiva Linga has always exposed favourable results.

4. Keep fast on Mondays.

  1. Wear Silver Ornaments

A fanciful solution to get rid of depression is wearing Silver Ornaments. You can simply put on a Silver chain or Kara (bracelet) in your right hand. Whatever, you wear, just try that it is completely joint less and worm on a Monday.

  1. Other Remedy

Do relaxation and Pranayama on regular foundation. “Anulom Vilom” pranayam is regarded one of the finest solutions to improve concepts and spirit, and get rid of issues like, insomnia, depressive disorders, stress, tension. You can also simply recite- Om for 10 minutes. Do this every day in the morning hours.

According to Hinduism, “Shiva” is regarded to be the Devata (Godhead) associated with the planet Moon. Reciting Shiva mantra “Om namah shivaya” or any other mantra relevant to Shiva. 108 times a day is known to carry wonderful outcomes. You can start feeling a change within you. You can also, read “shiva chalisa” if you’re unable to repeat mantras. Prayer to Shiva with complete commitment, trust and love, is also regarded enough to boost your thoughts, Moon and thus, your destiny!

  1. The most significant remedy

keep good interaction with your mother. If you don’t have a mother, then respect any elderly lady around you. Give her white flowers, milk, sugar, kheer, any white sweets, white cloth every Mondays.

Depression is a state of mind and if not preserved early can lead to major problems. Keep in mind that nothing works overnight. Have patience and complete trust in the Almighty and do the remedy given above as it will show incredible improvements. All these were the Astrological remedies for depression.



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